Should Street Drugs Become Legalized?

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  • Published : July 25, 2011
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My position on this issue is that street drugs should not be legalized

My main reasons for this conclusion are:
Premise 1: They have no beneficial purpose
Premise 2: It would affect the lives of kids even more
Premise 3: This would endanger the lives of others even more

Most street drugs have no beneficial purposes. There are not any street drugs that I can think of besides marijuana that can be used for medical purposes. The benefits of most street drugs are that they get you high, knock you out, or put your mind in a state where you don’t even realize you are actually doing certain things. Clearly none of what I stated are really benefits. These drugs actually cause harm. We all may know of someone or heard of someone whom has overdosed on drugs. Some of these drugs cause so much brain damage that it can cause people to have seizures or go into cardiac arrest. I know of someone that took the wrong kind of drug and now they are messed up mentally and physically. It is hard for them to do things that we find should be easy to do. So this within itself proves that these drugs have no positive benefits.

If these drugs were legalized it would make it way easier for kids to get their hands on these harmful drugs. The reason I state this is because people would not be afraid to sell these drugs to kids. Even though I am sure there are cases now where kids are given drugs more people are aware of the consequences. But if these drugs were made legal I’m sure these drug dealers would feel no remorse when selling these types of drugs to minor. Furthermore there would probably be more parents becoming addicted to these drugs which will cause even more children to suffer. We have to put into the perspective of how many people are addicted to prescription drugs that may hide it and live regular everyday lives. Therefore we can only imagine what would happen if these drugs became legal

Last but not least, making these drugs legal will...
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