Should Psle Be Abolished

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Title: Debate on whether PSLE should be abolished
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Recently, there had been much debate on whether the Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE) should be abolished. This topic was also highlighted at the recent Polytechnic Forum attended by Senior Minister of State for Education, Mr Lawrence Wong. The strong interest in this topic has led to an open discussion for students to contribute ideas to solutions. FEELINGS AND THOUGHTS

There are a lot of opinions on whether PSLE should be abolished. Below are the different types of response and view on this particular topic. IN FAVOUR OF ABOLISHING PSLE
Mr Hri Kumar, who sits on the Government Parliamentary Committee (GPC) for Education, is all for slaying the PSLE scared cow. He thinks that “the government should think about loosening its grip on education so that Singaporeans can choose for themselves what they want for their own children". * Hri Kumar. (2012, September 17). MP echoes calls for PSLE to be scrapped. Channel News Asia. Associate Professor Straughan, a former Nominated Member of Parliament, felt that PSLE should be abolished. He mentioned that “If we get rid of PSLE, we free the school from this obsession of testing, and the teachers and educators can focus on teaching and learning, and if we do that, more young couples would be willing to grow larger families.” * Professor Straughan, (2012, May 4). Ease the pressure of parenting. TODAY. NOT IN FAVOUR OF ABOLISHING PSLE

According to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, he thinks that PSLE stays but needs relook. 1) He stressed that “the national exam is still needed to assess pupils' educational standards and provide a fair basis on which secondary schools...
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