Should Parents Be Held Responsible for Their Children's Needs and Actions?

Topics: Youth detention center, The Child, Ethics Pages: 2 (805 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Should Parents Be Held Responsible for Their Children’s Needs and Actions?
There are many pros and cons over the argument on whether parents should be held responsible for their children’s actions or not. Some people claim that yes parents should because they are the authority figure in that child’s life, while others say no, believing that if the child can choose to do something wrong then they must be held accountable,” if parents are found liable for their children's actions when they are young, they will do a better job at raising them.”-( McCartney, Brown, Tribune 242) I personally believe that while a child is young the parents are responsible for anything their child has done but once the child is at the age where they are allowed by the government to learn to drive and control a large moving object, they should then be held accountable for their own actions. Children these days are more rebellious and defiant than they have been in the past and the reason, people claim, is with the way these adolescents are being raised. More and more parents are letting their offspring get away with things that they probably never would have dreamed of doing when they were younger. Teens are going out and getting drunk and doing all sorts of different drugs just because their parents won’t tell them that they can’t. Parents are losing a grip on their kids by not punishing them properly or by simply letting them get away with doing whatever they want. This in turn makes kids want to do reckless and stupid things that can potentially hurt not only themselves but others around them. Many say that it is wrong to lock a minor up in a juvenile detention center simply because they are too “young” and “don’t know any better”. Kids, Teens especially, are old enough to know what is right or not and I believe serving time in a juvenile center is the right course of action to teach them a lesson. The problem though is not all parents are teaching their children the difference...
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