Should Obese People Pay More for Health Care?

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  • Published : January 2, 2013
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Should Obese People Pay More For Health Care?
Susie Lowe 10S1
In this essay I will be talking about obese people and how their extra demands within health care. Obese people require more health facilities, recourses and most importantly money, money that comes from taxpayers. The general public pays for free health care to aid genuine sicknesses and unenforced accidents, not to assist self inflicted illnesses and disorders. A hospital having to treat obese people is a drain on recourses. For example Boston Emergency Medical Services (BEMS) recently designed and created an ambulance equipped with a mini crane and a reinforced stretcher, able to carry people weighing up to 850 pounds, in total costing 12,000 USD. Should the government and us, the general public, really be spending this barbaric bulk of money on things like this? Not only is this a waist of money it is also a waist of medical staffs time. Doctor’s and nurse’s expertise should not be wasted on performing weight loss surgeries for people who have let themselves get to a fatal stage of health. Money currently being spent on obese people should be spent on people with genuine afflictions. Some handy capable people need 24 hour care which in some cases is not available to them because of excessively exorbitant prices. I think it is unreasonable for helpless handy capable people to have to pay for health care they didn’t ask for. Everyone knows that you are only as big as you decide and needing special care for something you could have prevented is deplorable. Depriving handy capable citizens of free care but allowing it for obese people seems absurdly unjust. A weight loss surgery can cost over 10,000 USD this money could be going towards cancer research or research brain tumors. The imbalances go on and on. Although these points are correct is obesity really 100 percent self-inflicted? The simple answer is no. There are many things that contribute to obesity. I think parenting plays a huge part...
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