Should Music Be Banned from Schools?

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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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Could jamming to your favorite tunes actually be a benefit while working on a research paper in Chemistry class? Might Drake’s latest album, HYFR, be the key to your success in the future? As a matter of fact, recent findings from The Center for New Discoveries in Learning, music improves one’s learning potential by blocking out any external aberrations occurring within the world behind the student, and focuses him or her on concentration! In my opinion, it increases focus among students making an outline for the upcoming chapter exam about the Mole in Chemistry, and finally, it is the only way some students can actually find amusement while being in school and taking notes. Now the decision is on you, should music be banned? Because, and I think I speak for about maybe, 99% of students my age, I reckon it shouldn’t!

For the most part, students believe that “school is prison”, due to the lack of freedom schools present, and a central idea on freedom in school is having the power to control what is being played into your ears from those new apple ear buds. Students’ enjoy freedom when they have the opportunity to be free and one way to be free is just migrate into their own little “Ultra” and just cut a rug while plodding down the glistening silver, amber-filled cardinal floors to their ensuing class. When the sophomores fill that English II class with Ms. Milian, should these adolescents be enforced to squirrel away their iPhones and iPods? Think about it. It should be spoken, nation-wide, that music improves focus. It does not matter what form the music is in, as long as the music is there. For instance, the episode of Hannah Montana, where if she doesn’t pass her final exam for biology, She, Oliver and Lilly wouldn’t have been able to go to Europe for Hannah’s tour! Well, in that part, she had to create a song with a pertaining dance, in order to pass. She was just as clueless as I am, but instead of biology, I struggle in Algebra 2… I bet it’s because the...
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