Should Mankind Invest in the Exploration of Space?

Topics: Space exploration, Universe, Earth Pages: 2 (537 words) Published: April 25, 2011
Amid the numerous universe, the earth is less than a dot. After the exploration of the land, the ocean and the atmosphere, human beings extend their foot into the fourth field—the mysterious space which amazes people for thousands of years. In history, humans have been struggling for the exploration of space. But until the end of the cold war, the future of space exploration has been less clear represented by Russia and America. For that, some people are against investing in the exploration of space with the opinion that such action is meaningless except huge expense. However, as far as I am concerned, it is quite necessary for mankind to invest in it for sake of an assortment of benefits.

To begin with, exploring space can facilitate the development of astronomy, cosmology, physical science and life science so that people’s various puzzles towards remote space can be resolved. For thousands of years, people have been curious about how the universe forms and evolves, how life comes into being and how space environment influences the living condition of mankind. Exploration of space can reveal the truth of mysterious space and break the wall of people’s superstation and get mankind acquire knowledge about space as more as possible.

In addition, since the exploration of space, a test to our science technology, relys on high- tech ,it stimulates a series of high technology to arise. It is undeniable that studying space depends on advanced technology. And adversely, the aspiration for exploring will compel scientists to improve facilities. Therefore new equipments will appear continuously such as the spacecraft and satellites.Since the exploration is not only the responsibility of devoted scientists, but also the task of governments, universities and institutions even the mission of human beings. Thus the common career could integrate all of them to a strength to accelerate the renovation of technique and profound exploration of space.

Eventually, from...
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