Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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Should College Athletes Be Paid?

Believe it or not, student athletes currently on a full scholarship to play their desired sport are struggling to live. Simply, because scholarships do not provide the full cost to be able to live a healthy lifestyle. Essentially, athletes may be starving themselves because they have no other options. Place yourself in their shoe for a second, although that may be a fairly large shoe to fill. With many athletes not coming from a wealthy background, they have limited options. When an athlete is not in the classroom, most likely they can be found in the gym, or in the practice facility. While other students may have a job, athletes are not so lucky. Their job is to play the sport they were brought to the university for. If you workout all day, and perform strenuous activities on your body, you need fuel for your body to recover. Not eating effects how they perform in the classroom, and on the field. The solution for many players is to sell their jerseys and other memorabilia to make money. Unfortunately, that is illegal under NCAA guidelines. I believe if the student can find a way, he or she should be able to endorse products. The best college athletes in the two revenue producing sports, basketball and football, generate more money than tuition, room, board, and books. (ESPN) College is supposed to prepare for the real world, so engaging in entrepreneurship is not the worst activity these athletes could be involved in. If the NCAA is going to continue to not allow athletes to sell their personal items, scholarships should cover the full cost of living. Sports casters, along with many other outspoken people, share their reasons for being highly critical of the idea of supplying student athletes with more than they already have. In other words, tuition, room, and board are plenty for the athletes to compensate with. If you paid athletes, money would kill recruiting. Athletes would choose to play for the prestige...
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