Should Casinos Be Legalized?

Topics: Gambling, Casino, Nevada Pages: 4 (1498 words) Published: March 24, 2008
Should or Should Casinos Not Be Legalized in Thailand?

Does Las Vegas sound exciting? Have you ever longed to go there and try your hand at a fortune? Almost everyone has a dream that they’ll win big, and this is why towns such as Las Vegas have such a strong appeal to the public. The problem arises when people visit casinos and take gambling too far. For some this form of entertainment turns into an addiction. This creates a rather big controversy whether casinos should or should not be legalized in certain countries such as Thailand. Some claim that it should be legalized because casinos are beneficial to the economy in that they create new jobs and are advantageous to local businesses, while others oppose it because it does not help the economy and brings along social problems. After giving this topic much thought I came to the conclusion that casinos should stay illegal because though on the surface statements of the pros seem beneficial, there lies an underneath group of lies which support the gambling industry, specifically casinos.

Pros for legalizing casinos believe that gambling expansion can create more job opportunities and as a result reduce the unemployment rate. But let’s look at reality; even though casinos create new jobs; those jobs created may not be new jobs for the local economy. For example, if there was a newly-opened casino in the Nakonpathom Province, how many people operating a job within the Casino do you think would really be from Nakonpathom? I mean not everyone is a born card dealer right? A card dealer in Nakonpathom doesn’t necessarily have to be from that area. He or she may be, and probably is, from a different province. This means that the locally unemployed workers will not benefit from the new jobs that will open as a result of opening the casino. In addition, the jobs that casinos do provide are low paying jobs, workers generally do not move up the corporate ladder. For instance, a worker at Foxwoods...
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