Should Access of Social Networking Sites Should Banned at Work or Not?

Topics: Identity theft, Privacy, Risk Pages: 2 (368 words) Published: June 18, 2012
The rapid explosion of social networking is starting to affect corporations. Believe it or not, employee use of social networking sites while at work isn’t the only reason corporations are running into problems. corporations themselves have started using social networking sites for a multitude of reasons, such as marketing, employee communications, and emergency response services, just to name a few. The reliance on social networking use has introduced some serious vulnerability issues for these corporations. Below is a list of some of the vulnerabilities corporations are now facing: Identity Theft

Data Leakage
Reputation Damage
Internet Threats
Attackers love using social networking sites to steal people’s identities. Since people share personal information so freely on these sites, it’s not hard to gain enough information to steal an identity. Data leakage introduces a serious risk for companies. When employees post on their social networking sites information about projects they are working on or new cool things their companies are developing, they don’t necessarily realize they are posting company proprietary information. Legal ramifications are an often overlooked risk that corporations face when employees post to their social networking sites while at work. Discrimination is an additional risk posed by the use of social networking sites. The risk primarily affects the area of Human Resources. Should a company use information posted on social networking sites to make decisions about candidates they are recruiting, the company faces violation of The Employment Practices Data Protection Code. A very costly risk to corporations is reputation damage. This can occur from an employee posting inappropriate photos. Think about it. A company’s social networking can make it prone to Internet threats such as viruses, spyware, and malware. It’s no big secret that social networking sites have become a major distribution channel...
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