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Shapes of Pasta
The following table maps out the various shapes and forms of pasta: Unique Shapes
Name| Description| Translation|
Campanelle| Flattened bell-shaped pasta with a frilly edge on one end| Little bells| Capunti| Short convex ovals resembling an open empty pea pod| | Casarecce| Short lengths rolled into an S shape| From casereccio meaning homemade| Cavatelli| Short, solid lengths| From the verb cavare meaning to hollow| Cencioni| Petal shaped, slightly curved with rough convex side| Little rags| Conchiglie| Seashell shaped| Shells|

Conchiglioni| Large, stuffable seashell-shaped| Large shells| Corzetti| Flat figure-eight stamped| |
Creste di Galli| Short, curved and ruffled| Cocks’ combs| Croxetti| Flat coin-shaped discs stamped with coats of arms| Little crosses| Fantolioni| Panda-shaped bow-ties commonly served with boiled olives| Pre-packaged pandas| Farfalle| Bow tie or butterfly shaped| Butterflies|

Farfallone| Larger bowties| Large butterfly|
Fiorentine| Grooved cut tubes| Florentine|
Fiori| Shaped like a flower| Little flowers|
Foglie d’ulivo| Shaped like an olive leaf| Olive leaf| Fusilli| Three-edged spiral, usually in mixed colors. Many vendors and brands sold as fusilli are two-edged| From fusile, archaic/dialect form of fucile, meaning rifle. As the inside barrel of a gun is “rifled” using a similar screw-shaped device| Fusilli Bucati| A spring-shaped variety of the above| Holed rifles| Gemelli| A single S-shaped strand of pasta twisted in a loose spiral| Twins| Gigli| Cone or flower shaped| Lilies|

Gnocchi| Round in shape and often made with flour plus potatoes| From the Italian gnocco, meaning “a knot in wood”| Gramigna| Short, curled lengths of pasta| Scutch-grass; more generically, “infesting weed”| Lanterne| Curved ridges| Lantern holders|

Lumache| Snail-shaped| From lumaca, meaning snail|
Lumaconi| Jumbo lumache| Large snails|
Maltagliati| Flat roughly cut triangles| Badly cut|
Mandala| Designed by Philippe Starck in 1987 for French pasta-maker Panzani| Design based on compensating for overcooking| Marille| Designed by Giorgetto Guigiaro in 1983 – like a rolling ocean wave in cross-section with internal rugosities, but unsuccessful and no longer produced| From mare, meaning “sea”| Orecchiette| Bowl or ear shaped pasta| Little ears|

Pipe| Larger version of macaroni| Smoking pipes|
Quadrefiore| Square with rippled edges| Flower quadrants| Radiatore| Shaped like radiators| Radiator|
Ricciolini| Short wide pasta with a 90-degree twist| From riccio, curly| Ricciutelle| Short spiraled pasta| From riccio, curly|
Rotelle| Wagon wheel-shaped pasta| Little wheels (from ruota-wheel)| Rotini| 2-edged spiral, tightly wound. Some vendors and brands are 3-edged and sold as rotini| | Spirali| A tube which spirals round| Spirals|

Spiralini| More tightly-coiled fusilli| Little spirals|
Strangolapreti| Rolled across their width| Priest-chokers or priest-stranglers| Torchio| Torch-shaped| Winepress|
Trofie| Thin twisted pasta| |
Tubular Pasta
Name| Description| Translation|
Bucatini| Hollow spaghetti| Little holes|
Calamarata| Wide ring shaped pasta| Squid (also known as “calamari”)| Calamaretti| Smaller Calamarata| |
Cannelloni| Large stuffable tubes| Big pipes or reeds|
Cavatappi| Corkscrew-shaped macaroni| Corkscrews; also known as Cellentani and Spirali| Cellentani| Corkscrew-shaped tube| |
Chifferi| Short and wide macaroni| |
Ditalini| Short tubes, like elbows but shorter and without a bend| Small fingers| Fideua| Short and thin tubes| |
Gomito Maccheroni| Bent tubes| Elbow macaroni|
Elicoidali| Slightly ribbed tube pasta; the ribs are corked as opposed to those on rigatoni| Helicoidal| Fagioloni| Short narrow tube| Little beans|
Garganelli| Square egg noodle...
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