Short Story Outline

Topics: Narratology, Climax, Character Pages: 2 (381 words) Published: March 29, 2013

Main Character: Lucky
A wondrous and sweet dog with a lot of heart. He was definitely not the lazy type. He was rambunctious and full of energy. He always had to be doing something. Lucky never showed any signs of fear. Never have I seen such an intelligent animal before. Lucky was the king of his own world. Everything was his prey.

Supporting Character: Me
I was protective and proud of my dog. The world was ours for the taking. He was the one person I could talk without being judged. I was definitely the adventurous type and when I would decide it was time for an adventure. I would never forget to have my comrade by my side.

This story was some of the best times during the first five years of my life. It took place at the first place I ever called home. There I lived with my aunt, my uncle, and their child. There was also my mom, my brother, me, and lucky. Most of mine and Lucky’s adventures took place in our back yard.

Rising Action:
I receive news from my family that they are going to get me a dog. Lucky and I become acquainted. More and more we begin to journey into the backyard where our adventures take place.

Lucky sees that I am in harm’s way and as a child I was incapable of protecting myself. He comes running to the rescue and kills the snake and frees me from the terrible outcome of being bitten.

Falling Action:
Days later, Lucky unfortunately disappears and I can’t help but feel like I lost my best friend. We never found lucky nor did we hear anything from neighbors about his reappearance.

Finally we gain closure and learn that lucky had been run over. This information helped me by telling that Lucky had not ran away because he wasn’t satisfied with our friendship but that someone had mistakenly separated us. Lucky was my best friend and I could never repay for all of the childhood memories he gave me.

Title: Lucky, the Wonder Dog
Narrative Point of View:...
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