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  • Published : May 31, 2012
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The short story ‘One Thousand Dollars’ by O. Henry sound to be interesting when the writer narrate on how a young man named Robert Gillian spend the money worth a thousand dollars inherited from his late uncle, Septimus Gillian. The unique character of Robert Gillian is the reason why this story comes out to be captivating. Robert Gillian is not wise when it comes to spending of money. At the beginning of the story line, his late uncle’s lawyer, Lawyer Tolman had handed over one thousand dollars to Robert following his uncle’s will. Upon receiving the money, Tolman also informed Robert to give an account on how he had spent the thousand dollars as it is one of his late uncle’s wish. Robert feels the amount is too little and wished for greater sum. Returning back to his club, he met with a person named Bryson. Robert talked to Bryson regarding his late uncle’s will. However, Bryson feels that the money Robert received is much little compared to the wealth Robert’s late uncle had attained when Bryson mentioned, “ that your uncle, the late Septimus Gillian, was worth something like half a million dollars”. Robert also pointed out that his late uncle had left Miss Hayden a ring and ten dollars. Here comes another character, a young woman named Miss Hayden who is a daughter to one of late Uncle Septimus’s friend. She was under the care of late Uncle Septimus. Still wondering on how to spend the money, Robert asked for suggestions from Bryson. Unfortunately, Bryson was unable to suggest any ways that worth Robert’s expectations on spending the money. Instead, he suggested Robert to spend it on a diamond pin for Miss Lotta Lauriere, a stage performer at Columbine Theater. So, Robert took a cab and rushed to Columbine Theater to meet Miss Lotta. Surprisingly, Robert gets to have a short conversation with Miss Lotta in her dressing room as she was just two minutes away from her upcoming stage performance. However, things didn’t turn up the way...
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