Short Biography: Jackie Robinson

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  • Published : May 27, 2013
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Jackie Robinson Research Paper

Jacob Padilla

History 8
Dr. Bialkowski
Jackie Robinson
Jackie Robinson was born on January 31, 1919 in Cairo, Georgia. Jackie Robinson was the fifth and final child of Jerry Robinson and Mallie Robinson. Jackie Robinson had died on October 24, 1972 in Stamford, Connecticut. Jackie Robinson had died from a heart attack. Jackie Robinson’s full name is Jack Roosevelt Robinson. Jackie Robinson was five feet and eleven inches tall. He had also weighed two hundred four pounds. Jackie Robinson also had three children: Jackie Jr. Sharon, and David. Jackie Jr. had died in 1971. Jackie Jr. had died by a car crash. Jackie Robinson’s college education was at UCLA. Jackie Robinson enrolled at the University of California Los Angeles in 1938. Jackie Robinson had won four sports letters at UCLA. Jackie Robinson won sports letters in baseball, basketball, football, and track. Jackie Robinson was the first four sport letter winner at UCLA. Jackie Robinson had played on the track team when he attended UCLA. Jackie Robinson had a broad jump of twenty five feet and six and a half inches. Jackie Robinson played on his track team in 1940. Jackie Robinson won an award for his broad jump. Jackie Robinson set a World Junior Record and having the farthest jump in the world that year. Jackie Robinson’s brother, Mack Robinson, won an Olympic Silver medal. Mack Robinson was second to Jesse Owens in the 200 meter dash. Jackie Robinson participated in the JC Track Championships in Pomona, CA where he set a national junior-college AAU record in the broad jump in 1938. Jackie Robinson played basketball when he attended UCLA. Jackie Robinson led the Pacific Coast Conference in scoring twice. This means that he had scored the most points in the Pacific Coast Conference for two years. The Pacific Coast Conference is abbreviated as the Pac-10. Jackie Robinson was the NCAA champion in 1940. Jackie Robinson played football when he...
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