Short Attention Span

Topics: Education, Standardized test, Teacher Pages: 3 (1088 words) Published: March 16, 2011
Last week I went to Chollas twice to make-up for the times that I missed the previous week. I noticed that my mentees really anticipate for me to come and I feel really bad if I miss one week of seeing them. However, last week it happened to be the opposite. My mentee ended up being absent because she was sick. So instead I helped Ms. Silva do little group activities and made sure that the students were on task. Has your mentee been absent before? If yes, what o you do help the classroom teacher? What are your plans for Halloween? Do you know what your mentee is doing for Halloween? Andrea, my mentee told me that Halloween is one of her favorite days in the year because she can eat as many candy as she wants. She plans to go trick or treating with her sister and her mom. Section 3

This week I had an opportunity to go mentor on Friday October 22nd and on Monday October 25th. I was really excited to go on Friday because I did not have a chance to mentor last week due to my hectic midterm schedule. However, right when I stepped into the classroom couple of kids told me that Andrea was out sick. I was really disappointed because I wanted to ask her some questions about her family and talk to her about the book that we were going to make together. Since Andrea was absent, Ms. Silva wanted me to help the kids out on couple of grammar worksheets that they were working on. First, Ms. Silva led a math discussion. They were starting to learn basic algebra. Some of the students were starting to get confused because now there were letters involved in a math equation. Also, some of the equations were difficult because the kids were not getting the concept or haven’t mastered their times table yet. After math time was over, Ms. Silva started to work with the reading groups. While she did that, I went around the classroom to help those who were struggling with their worksheet. They were mostly working on contractions and synonyms. This was a good exercise because they...
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