Short Argument

Topics: Critical thinking, Problem solving, Logic Pages: 3 (452 words) Published: March 8, 2013
UNIV 1212: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Spring 2013

Assignment 1

Short Argument

(10%=Constructing A Short Argument)

Purpose of Assignment

• This is an individual assignment.
• This assignment will help students understand the argumentation process involved in critical thinking. This assignment will also help students recognize key features and concepts in particular aspects of argumentation.


• To help students articulate a short argument.
• To help students understand key terms and concepts involved in argumentation • To help students write a simple argument, and a counter-claim

Instructional Media: Tools and Resources

• Students will use the BlackBoard technology for submitting their work. • The sole resource will be the textbook by Inch & Warnick and article posted on Blackboard.

The Topic

You will read the article posted on Blackboard and write a simple argument by stating a claim and using at least two reasons to support the claim. You will then write a counter-claim to the claim.


1.The report must use your own language. You are not permitted to cut and paste any sentences from the textbook.

3.The report must:
• have a cover page
• have an Assessment Rubric (if not, 1 point deducted) • use Times New Romans or Arial, font size: 12
• have a space of 1.5 between lines,
• 1 Full page in length
• full sentences (and no bullet points)

3.The report must use the following headings:


Submission Criteria

Date Due:Post on BlackBoard on March 8, 2013.
Who must submit assignment:Each person must post the assignment on BlackBoard

Where to deliver hard copies:No Hard Copies

The following piece of info must appear on the cover page:
UNIV 1212: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Spring 2013
Dr Ifzal Akhtar
Section XXX
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