Shopping Mall Event

Topics: Shopping mall, 2, Discounts and allowances Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: May 2, 2011
O2 (Oasis tuns 2)

The theme will revolve around the idea that it’s the mall’s second anniversary, so every activity planned out for the day will be in sync with the number *2* - for example – 2 partners, buy 2 get 1 free promotions, etc. DÉCOR

The mall will be decorated in colors of the oasis. Blue and white will be the theme colors. The number TWO will be emphasized on even in the décor – for instance flower arrangements in that shape, balloons, bloopers. ACTIVITIES

Cake cutting – a 2-storey cake, maybe a model of the shopping mall, or with a photoprint of the mall will be cut Guess to win – a game where people get to look at an item, but not the brand. They need to guess the brand and the price and they get to keep the item. The items will be from big brands like bags and shoes from high ended brands. Shop town – a miniature mall set up for kids to play in with a message to shop responsibly. (This is a slightly complicated idea, but if we can get some space allotted for it it could be a lot of fun. Its basically for kids aged 8-12). This will also have a face painting area, a sand painting area and a ball pit for the kids (ball pit only for kids from ages 4-8). Promotions – Buy two get one free promotions. Vouchers for AED 20, AED 200 and a lucky draw for a cash prize of AED 2000. Discounts – Stores like Splash, Shoemart can have discounts in multiples of 2s – 20% -60% off. Hunt ‘em down - And for people who are familiar with the mall or want to participate in the activity, there will be a treasure hunt game where one pair of items is going to be separated and placed in different stores. A team of 2 plays this. Both will be given the clues and they need to individually pursue their clues and come back with the items to bring them together and complete the pair. It will be a timed game. (for eg. A pair of shoes – one of the shoes will be placed in one store and the other in another store. They need to find both and bring them together.) This wins...
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