Shelagh Delancy's A Taste of Honey: Jo's Struggles

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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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English 200 (Introduction to Literature)
May 2, 2011
A Taste of Honey
Shelagh Delancy’s “A Taste of Honey” is a story about a young teenage girl named Jo and her struggles through the factors that cause life to be so difficult. Jo is the daughter of Helen, who happens to be a frequent drinker and indecent mother to her child. In the opening scene Helen and Jo move into a house that is not only indecent to live inside but, also happens to be right next to a slaughter house. Jo and Helen express a very inter-dependent relationship amongst one another. While talking Helen notices that Jo has pictures that are quite artistic for a child her age, it comes in Peter who happens to be a past lover of Helens. After conversation he proposes to take Helens hand in marriage. Helen accepts and began the process Jo in particular doesn’t like the spontaneous marriage arrangement but, on a secondary note Jo begins seeing a young black sailor in the Navy by the name of Jimmy. Helen and Peter insist in celebrating Christmas together alone leaving Jo by herself in an entirely new house. Jo eagerly recommends Jimmy to stay with her Christmas night where she weep to Jimmy about her problems and troubles only to be comforted by Jimmy and asked her hand in marriage before Jimmy deploys to the seas. Jo accepts and is given a ring to wear around her next to hide from her mother. Eventually the ring is found by her mother. Wear she scolds Jo violently for thinking of marrying so young. Several months later in summer Jo is living in the same old apartment. She is working 2 jobs to pay for rent and her out to sea husband had not come home. Jo is now pregnant with Jimmy’s baby thus opening the door for Geoff. Geoff comes into the play with many question marks, one being his sexuality nevertheless Geoff is \a man who wants to be considered the godfather to the new coming child. At this time Helen and drunken Peter comes back into play where Jo mother tries to give her some money but,...
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