Shawshank Redemption Paper

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  • Published : October 15, 2011
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Shawshank Redemption Paper

In Shawshank Redemption, the author Stephen King emphasizes that the prison system dehumanizes the inmates and that there is too much corruption inside jail. He shows that crime doesn’t pay, that those who believe are superior to anyone are the powerless characters of the story. Some inmates conceive that it is never worth to commit a crime, since crime never pays you back.

Everything starts by Andy wrongfully being accused of murdering his wife and her lover. He ends up in jail, and as soon he gets in, he starts getting abused from everyone in there. First he’s abused by Warden Norton, who happens to be the primary villain who used the Bible to quote and show Andy how morally superior he is to him and the other prisoners, constantly putting himself above the others in importance. He is perspicacious man who took benefit of Andys banking skills. Moreover, he accommodated Andy with special privileges to live better than the others. But when Tommy Williams testified to Andys innocence, Norton killed Tommy.

The “hardest screw” in the Shawshank Prison was Hadley, the foreman of the prison guards. He is an intemperate guard who thinks nothing of delivering beatings to the inmates to keep them in line and his brutally is shown a few times during the movie. Hadley is the kind of person who wanted to do what he wanted. Also he tried to control people and do whatever he wanted with them. For example, when Andy tried to help him legally shelter his inheritance from the IRS, Hadley at first didn’t want to listen to him and tried to kill him. He ended up accepting Andys help and overcame this issue. All that cruelty and unnecessary beating was a crime that Hadley paid for by losing his job and becoming a prisoner. This just shows how we cannot get away with a crime we commit.

There was the meanest inmate in jail. His name was Boggs. He is the leader of the “the sisters”, a gang that enjoyed raping and Andy was a victim. Since Andy came...
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