Shaping Better 21st Century Learners with English

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  • Published : November 17, 2012
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We all know that today is the 21st century. It is a century of new level of thinking. New kinds of ideas arise from people’s minds born in different year. It also means that there are hundreds of people in the world born every minute. Thus, adding to the number of inhabitants on planet Earth. This information isn’t a hindrance to the society. In fact, it is a benefit for us humans. We almost forget that every newly born baby has his/her very own unique talent. It is an innate ability which I believe every person possesses and that it contributes to the development of human world thinking. If the talent of a person is early identified, nurtured and exposed, surely it may not look so but it is already a big contribution to the society. Take for example, a person who is able to write a creative writing is already a talent. Creativity itself is a talent. A person can use his/her talent such as this to help other people. How can creative writing help other people? It can help people get ideas and use it to do something new or something that can improve certain things today for the future. Other people may get different kinds of ideas from it. With the use of innovative applications such as Facebook, a person can share his/her talent to help other people have ideas for other people. In this way, many people are able to learn. And with the use of English as lingua franca to make communication possible between people not having the same mother tongue, shaping 21st century learners can be done. Expose your abilities, skills to the world and with English as the bridge language for all, people can learn.
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