Shall We Dance

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Shall We Dance
Denise Gilbert
Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College


This paper will show three versions of Cinderella that are similar in meaning and different in views. Interpretations of each story are basically the same, a young girl who is mistreated by her step-mother and step-sisters. A magical transformation occurs that brings her dreams of meeting a prince and changes this young innocent girl into an elegant princess. This shows that dreams are possible and that even a person who sleeps in ashes can have a happily ever after.

Shall We Dance
The Story of Cinderella is a much-told fairytale, told in many languages and countries. Every girl dreams of a prince, and every boy dreams of a princess. Cinderella is no different; she has hopes and dreams of her own.

Cinderella, the tale of a young girl who is beautiful and enchanted, yet sad, is perhaps the most popular children’s story ever told. Her father married another woman who has daughters of her own. Both the step-mother and step-sisters treats her like a slave and even a servant.

Many of us feel hopelessness and despair and wish for a better life, and so does Cinderella. The magic of the Cinderella story, filled with a magical god-mother or a magical tree with birds, allows us to imagine that hope is just a wave of a wand, or a planting of a tree, or even perhaps magical singing birds. In fact, magic is told in every fairy tale interpretation of Cinderella. The Magical Slipper

The Cinderella story is as magical today as it was many years ago. A child dreams of becoming whatever he or she wants to be, yet without the magic of the Cinderella slippers or some other supernatural event, hopes and dreams can fade away. The slippers in Cinderella embark on a journey. They are given to her by a fairy god-mother or through some other magical means.

In the Perrault and Disney...
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