Sexual Teens

Topics: Human sexuality, Human sexual behavior, Sexual intercourse Pages: 361 (123266 words) Published: February 26, 2011
SEXUAL TEENS, SEXUAL MEDIA Investigating Media’s Influence on Adolescent Sexuality

LEA’s COMMUNICATION SERIES Jennings Bryant / Dolf Zillmann, General Editors Selected titles in Communication Theory and Methodology Subseries (Jennings Bryant, series advisor) include: Berger • Planning Strategic Interaction: Attaining Goals Through Communicative Action Dennis/Wartella • American Communication Research: The Remembered History Ellis • Crafting Society: Ethnicity, Class and Communication Theory Greene • Message Production: Advances in Communication Theory Heath/Bryant • Human Communication Theory and Research: Concepts, Contexts, and Challenges, Second Edition Jensen • Ethical Issues in the Communication Process Reese/Gandy/Grant • Framing Public Life: Perspectives on Media and Our Understanding of the Social World Riffe/Lacy/Fico • Analyzing Media Messages: Using Quantitative Content Analysis in Research Salwen/Stacks • An Integrated Approach to Communication Theory and Research For a complete list of other titles in LEA’s Communication Series, please contact Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Publishers

SEXUAL TEENS, SEXUAL MEDIA Investigating Media’s Influence on Adolescent Sexuality

Edited by

Jane D. Brown
University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill

Jeanne R. Steele
University of St. Thomas

Kim Walsh-Childers
University of Florida



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Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Sexual teens, sexual media : investigating media’s influence on adolescent sexuality / edited by Jane D. Brown, Jeanne R. Steele, Kim Walsh-Childers. p. cm. — (LEA’s communication series) Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 0-8058-3489-3 (cloth : alk. paper) — ISBN 0-8058-3490-7 (pbk. : alk. paper) 1. Mass media and teenagers. 2. Mass media and sex. 3. Sex in mass media. 4. Teenagers—Sexual behavior. I. Brown, Jane D. (Jane Delano), 1950– . II. Steele, Jeanne R. III. Walsh-Childers, Kim. IV. Series. HQ799.2.M35 S49 2001 302.23¢0835—dc21 00-067763 CIP

ISBN 1-4106-0417-9 Master e-book ISBN


Contributors Preface

1 Introduction and Overview
Jane D. Brown, Jeanne R. Steele, and Kim Walsh-Childers


2 Shaking the Tree of Knowledge for Forbidden Fruit: Where
Adolescents Learn About Sexuality and Contraception Michael J. Sutton, Jane D. Brown, Karen M. Wilson, and Jonathan D. Klein I TELEVISION 25

3 Sexual Messages in Teens’ Favorite Prime-Time
Television Programs Kirstie M. Cope-Farrar and Dale Kunkel 59

4 Daytime Talk Shows: Up Close and In Your Face
Bradley S. Greenberg and Sandi W. Smith


5 Would That Really Happen? Adolescents’ Perceptions of
Sexual Relationships According to Prime-Time Television L. Monique Ward, Benjamin Gorvine, and Adena Cytron-Walker 95 v



6 Media’s Impact on Adolescents’ Body Dissatisfaction
Linda J. Hofschire and Bradley S. Greenberg



7 From “Just the Facts” to “Downright Salacious”: Teens’ and Women’s Magazine Coverage of Sex and Sexual Health Kim Walsh-Childers, Alyse Gotthoffer, and Carolyn Ringer Lepre 153

8 Stuff You Couldn’t Ask Your Parents: Teens Talking
About Using Magazines for Sex Information Debbie Treise and Alyse Gotthoffer 173

9 Girls in Print: Figuring Out What It Means to Be a Girl
Jennifer Wray and Jeanne R....
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