Sexual Predators

Topics: Sex offender, Human sexual behavior, Sexual predator Pages: 8 (2426 words) Published: September 24, 2008
1. Sexual predator defined

2. Relationships

3. Characteristics of an offender

4. Characteristics of a victim

5. Protection for children

6. Jurisdiction

Protecting our Future

“According to a recent study, rapist and child molesters are arrested once for every 30 offenses they commit” (Leo, 2). Scary thought for the human race, especially for parents with children under 18. How is a sexual predator defined? Once this has been identified then the need to examine why internet relationships are developed. What are the different characteristics of offenders and victims? Lastly, how do we protect our children from sexual predators and who has jurisdiction over the offenders? What steps, if any, should the government take to protect children from sexual predators on the internet? Sexual Predators

“The term sexual predator is used pejoratively to describe a person as obtaining or trying to obtain sexual contact with another person in a metaphorically predatory manner” (Wikipedia, 1). People, who commit sex crimes, as in a rape or child sexual abuse, will commonly be referred to as a sexual predator. Sexual predators come in various sizes, shapes and ages. Recently passed, legislation is geared towards sexual predators under the age of 18. Relationships

Power, knowledge, and resources are the three greatest discrepancies between offenders and victims in any relationship. Power comes in two forms, physical and emotional. Adults can use actual physical power or by their size use intimidation. Youth obtain a “sense of self” from adults, due to lacking life experiences to base their knowledge upon. Any compliment is good feedback and withheld praise or affection is interpreted to the child as being bad. Children do not know what sexual activity is, where as adults or teens understand what sexual activity involves. Children require food, clothes, and a home, all of these are subject to the whims of the offenders (Sanford, 78). As children mature they naturally go outside the home to form relationships as part of the maturing process. Youth and teens commonly develop online relationships in the pursuit of social relationships and to communicate with others. Teenagers complain regarding the lack of time to visit with friends during school hours. Forty-eight percent of students surveyed stated that the internet improved their real life relationships and thirty-two percent made new friends (Wikipedia, 38). Most teens screen out adults with a few chosen phrases and comments. CCRC found that only five percent of online offenders pretended to be other teens (Magid, 2). What is behind the media coverage regarding internet access by sexual predators? MySpace received negative publicity, regarding sexual predators with active accounts. A report released in July 2007, sighted 29,000 registered convicted sex offenders had created profiles on MySpace. MySpace has received suggestions of greater policing, stronger verification of age and new measures to filter out pornography (Catts, 1). Will MySpace lose money by restricting sexual predators from having access to other accounts, especially children? MySpace’s business models, along with other web sites models, do not include pornography or sexual predator’s activities. Web site owners do not make money from illegal activities (Blumenthal, 2). Therefore, they will not lose money by stopping or controlling these activities. The ultimate impact of MySpace’s new implementations to their website is whether law-abiding members perceive the efforts to uncover sex offenders as too aggressive or intrusive (Catts, 1). How does one identify a possible offender? Characteristics of an offender

Primarily, offenders refuse to take responsibility for their own actions by blaming others or the circumstances for their failures in life. Profiles show the young victims and strong denial system added up to an immature and self centered individual who lacks a sense of consequence...
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