Sexual Harassment Case Study

Topics: Discrimination, Human resources, Employment Pages: 4 (1205 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Individual Case Study #1

1.Is there a case of sexual harassment in this situation or is it only fun?

This is a case of sexual harassment because; the words and actions of fellow employees ultimately made Rosetta quit her job. The technical definition of harassment is when members of an organization treat an employee in a different manner due to that person’s sex, race, religion, age, and etc. Harassment also includes unwelcomed remarks or jokes which make the employee feel uncomfortable. These guys that Rosetta had been working with, as she mentioned were making remarks and asking uncomfortable questions regarding her personal relationships (asking about her boyfriend, asking intimate details and asking if she prefers Canadian men over Italian men), the guys made dirty jokes and purposely made sure that Rosetta heard them, which is another sign of harassment – its causes Rosetta to feel awkward and embarrassed at her workplace (somewhere where she should feel comfortable and safe). Not only, do these guys make dirty jokes, but the manager, Al also contributes and encourages these guys regardless if it’s making another employee uncomfortable. These guys make fun of Rosetta when she comes into work, with remarks like calling her “Risotto” which in Italian means rice with gravy, not only is this an unwelcomed remark, its taunting her and insulting towards her Italian culture. Another form is harassment is displaying is offensive or pornographic items in a workplace environment. According to Rosetta, these guys post centrefolds pinned on their machines, which are pictures of nude or almost nude women. This is highly inappropriate for the work environment and makes Rosetta uncomfortable. When Rosetta asked these men from refraining to asking awkward and inappropriate questions and to leave her alone, they said that “Italians are just braggarts” which is derogatory and condescending term against her race. Sexual harassment; a form of harassment, was also...
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