Sexual Harassment

Topics: Civil Rights Act of 1964, Abuse, Sexual harassment Pages: 3 (922 words) Published: July 21, 2008
Some have often said that sexual harassment is a biased matter. Although most cases are, in fact, against women, there have been cases involving men. There are many forms of sexual harassment. California State Chico published to most common forms of sexual harassment and some include: •Sexist comments, sexual innuendoes, comments, and remarks, •Suggestive, obscene, or insulting sounds,

Humor or jokes about sex or gender in general,
Sexual propositions, invitations, or other pressure for sex, •Implied or overt threats,
Patting, pinching, brushing up against the body, and any other inappropriate touching or feeling, •Attempted or actual kissing or fondling,
Insistent invitations for drinks, dinner, dates,
Sending lewd cartoons, cards, presents, or letters,
Obscene gestures
Assault and rape.
Although these acts seem obvious, there is in fact a very thin line between what is and what is not sexual harassment. For this simple reason, people take advantage of claiming sexual harassment. Some believe that some women go out of their way to find trouble only to claim sexual harassment. These are the people who, unfortunately, get the most attention. Those who are actually sexually harassed in their homes, workplace or elsewhere, are usually the ones who stay quiet or are unclear about what exactly sexual harassment entails. In order to bring justice to those harassed, the government should spend more time defining sexual harassment and entering the final decision into our laws. There can be many places one could be sexually harassed. In 2007, there were 12,510 cases filed for sexual harassment; of those cases, 16% were filed by men (EEOC). The Louis Harris and Associates Law Firm conducted a survey in a workplace to determine how many people had been sexually harassed. These were their findings: •31% of the female workers claimed to have been harassed at work 
 •7% of the male workers claimed to have been harassed at...
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