Sexual Addiction

Topics: Sexual addiction, Addiction, Pornography addiction Pages: 3 (897 words) Published: March 10, 2013

The article is about sexual addiction and the tile is “The Role of Shame and Guilt in Hypersexual Behavior”. The article was written by Randy Gilliland, Mikle South, Bruce N. Carpenter, and Sam A. Hardy. The article was published in 2011 and the primary focus of the research is how shame and guilt affects sexual addiction recovery results. The hypothesis for the article is shame is maladaptive and more related to psychopathology than is guilt? Data was collected through survey over a four month period. The group surveyed consisted of 177 adults who were divided into one hundred and seventy males, two females, and five were of an unknown sex due to the person not answering that block on the survey. The demographic was all online pornography users. There was nine percent of the survey group that were not surveyed online, but at their therapy sessions. The survey was conducted anonymously and all the information was willing provided. The authors used data and ran through a series of charts that they used to measure the emotional effects of shame, guilt and sexual conduct. The conclusion of all the data obtain was that shame is believed to primary cause of hypersexual activity, not guilt. It was also said by the author that additional research was needed and that his data is not completely conclusive.

The Dateline NBC article is about battling sexual addiction. It mentions sexual addiction as a growing problem and runs through the stories of two patients of a doctor that see the patients. The first patient of Dr. Patrick Carnes discussed in the article is Mark Laaser, a sex addict that discusses how he was having a hard time coping with his habit. He had a wife and kids, loved his wife, but still felt like he had these pinned up sexual emotions that he couldn’t control his addiction cause him to masturbate frequently, steal pornography and cheat on his wife. The source of the information is...
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