Sexting: Mobile Phone and Highly Charged Issues

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  • Published : October 10, 2012
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Teen “Sexting”
Sexting – teens sending sexually explicit photos of themselves via cell phones, email, or instand message – has become the latest in a line of highly charged issues involving kids and the internet. Sexting has become a widespread occurance that has destroyed lives and has caused emotional distress to many teenagers and young adults. Sexting gives teenagers the feeling of acceptance and the chance to be popular by gaining attention but what they fail to realize is the attention they are receiving is negative and it affects their reputation. Once a sext message has been sent, the receiver is given the opportunity to show the message to his or her peers and which will bring negative attention to the sender. Teenager’s sext for many reasons that may alter their lives significantly in the future. Sexting has become a huge problem among teens. 30% of teens have received a nude or nearly nude image via cellphone, email, or instant message. Sexting is not something that one should be proud of or feel right doing, it is against ones morals and may lead to severe consequences. Many people wonder what sexting really consists of and how it can actually be found. Sexting is when teens or anyone in general send sexually explicit photos of themselves through text message, email or an instant messenger. The word sexting comes from the words sex and texting. It's a combination of the two because it involves sexually explicit images or talk through technology. Technology is a leeway to sexting. Sexting has become much more evident as Baker 2

technology has expanded. “Cell phones are not just about calling or texting – with expanding functionality, phones have become multimedia recording devices” (Cheng, Benson). Sexting mainly occurs through cell phones and picture messages but has also been found in email and instant messages. Sexting can be found when a peer or parent happens to look at the cell phone, and comes across this image or the message. Sexting can...
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