Sex Trafficking in Thailand

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  • Published : October 1, 2012
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Sex Trafficking in Thailand
Every year, thousands of men, women, and children fall into the hands of traffickers in their own countries and around the world. Human trafficking is the illegal trade of humans into any kind of modern slavery. Sex trafficking is a type of human trafficking that forces people into sexual practices. Rose Corazza states that, "Every case of sex slavery involves multiple crimes: fraud, kidnaping, assault, rape, and sometimes murder"(Corazza) Every country in the world is affected by trafficking, but Thailand has become a top destination country for receiving trafficked people. In Thailand, many women and children are forced into the sex industry and are negatively affected emotionally, mentally, and physically. The women and children that are trafficked come from all over world. Larger numbers come from neighboring countries and are lured into prostitution or are trafficked through the Four Thai Borders. "Due to the growth of the sex industry, when demand is greater than supply, there is often the expansion of the sex trade into outlying areas in an effort to find new, young prostitutes. Girls are recruited from Hill tribe areas of the North and North-East as well as Burma and China."(4) Many girls are from the Hill tribes because nobody has a citizenship there and without a citizenship you can't work. The girls are very vulnerable and if they do happen to be taken no one is going to go looking for them. Over one million women from Burma, southern China, Laos, and Vietnam have been trafficked into Thailand. Women from Thailand are Hill 2 trafficked to the Netherlands, Germany, Japan, Australia, India, Malaysia, and nations in the Middle East. Men want certain types of women. They want certain skin, hair, and eye colors, curves, and a submissive attitude. Some women are too thin, too fat or too boring for most men so a lot of exotic women from India are brought in to Thailand and are greatly admired by their standout qualities. Thai and southeastern Asian women are popular with men seeking sex. The light-skinned Thais from the north are preferred over the dark-skinned girls from the south. Virgins and children are highly valued in the sex industry. They are untouched and clean, so men assume they probably will not get an STD from a virgin. Also men want virgins because they are tighter and give them a more pleasing sexual sensation. Ellen Armstrong states that the majority of clients demanding child prostitutes are local men who believe that deflowering or sleeping with a very young or virgin girl will revitalize an old mans sexual potency(Armstrong). In addition, increased AIDS awareness has resulted in a higher demand for children due to the myth that they are AIDS free. Therefore, virgins and children cost more than other women who have already been exploited. "There are over 75,000 children prostituted in Thailand and in 1993 an estimate showed that 30,000 to 35,000 children were forced into prostitution due to poverty" (Hughes,Sprice,Mendelssohn,Chirgwin). Many women and children are forced into the sex industry because of their need to provide for their families. They are not always forced into the sex industry completely against their will. Sometimes, they simply feel that prostitution is their only option. "In some cases, adult women and young girls are trafficked into prostitution by "lover boys" which are men who profess to love them"(Cullen-Dupoint). These men will plan Hill 3 day trips, vacations, or runaway marriages to get the girls away from their family in order to place the girls into prostitution. While some children are abducted by strangers for prostitution, many children are placed into...
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