Sex Lies and Videotapes

Topics: Marriage, Husband, Human sexuality Pages: 2 (423 words) Published: October 16, 2010
“Sex, lies and videotapes” is an excellent movie that portrays the conflict between four characters regarding sex issues. It was made by Stephen Soderbergh in 1989. The core of the movie is when Ann (one of the protagonist) realizes that her husband was cheating on her with her sister (Cynthia). Even though she is a victim, Ann is a fetishist, since she desires sex in her unconscioness. The first element is the energy that she is posses through out the movie. Second, the way she denies sex as a prohibit object.

Our human body needs energy to do different tasks during day and night. In Ann’s case, the energy she posses in order to have sex is addressing in house tasks and eating. Since Ann is totally repressed of sex, she spends the majority of the movie trying to be a good housekeeper, so far, she becomes obsessive with cleaning and garbage. Furthermore, eating brings a kind of satisfaction. As she said: “the last time I was really happy. I got really fat”. (Soderbergh 1989). Indicating that she desires sex, but instead of having it, she eats as a form of liberation: trying to achieve an orgasm.

When someone denies something, he/she desires this “something” in a secret manner. The more he/she refuses it, it is reinforced the idea that it could give him/her pleasure. There are two moments in the movie, in which Ann denies sex. First one, Ann was asking Graham about the videotapes and he responds about sex. As a result, Ann leaves Graham’s apartment. The effect that the word sex has on Ann was so powerful that she could not resist it and denied sex by abandoning the apartment. Again, she is looking for sex even though she is not conscious. Second, she said: “I think that sex is overrated. I think that people place far too much importance on it”. (Soderbergh 1989). The lack of sex in Ann causes her a frustrating reaction towards somebody that practices sex regularly. Ann really wants to have sex but the circumstances surrounding make her an unsatisfied wife....
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