Sex Letter

Topics: Birth control, Sexual intercourse, Condom Pages: 1 (379 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Sex Letter
Dear Son,
I know your about to grow up a little and start noticing things that you haven’t noticed before. As much as you have hated girls in the past, those girls are going to be start looking more attractive. You might deny this now but really it’s going to hit you like a train. That thing inside your pants is going to start pointing you in the wrong direction, so it’s good that I let you know now and tell you a little bit about sex. Girls have something that us boys desire and it can be the best feeling ever or the worst mistake you’ve ever made. You’re going to start thinking dirty thoughts and falling in love, but you got to know what love is and how it’s ok to love yourself. By loving yourself I mean jerkin off. You don’t know what that means quite yet, but you will. Just try to get it done in the shower and never let me or your mother know you’re doing it. Now a little about this sex thing, if it’s going to happen you’re going to want to use something called a condom. A condom is what you’re going to put over your little pecker when you think that you and Miss Mary think you should get it on. It’s a rubber package I will supply for you and show you how to use. If you don’t wear a condom, your penis will fall off and you will die because there are infections called STI’s, but you don’t have to worry about those because you’re going to wear a condom every time! Trust me son, wearing these condoms is a super cool thing because it also prevents your little lady friends getting pregnant. Sometimes though the loves of your life tell you lies and say there on birth control which means that they take a pill every day to prevent getting pregnant. Still wear a condom though because there still is a chance of getting STI’s and if you get this no girl is going to want to have sex with you. Have fun sex is good if done correctly and I hope you use these tips to help you out in the future. Dad
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