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  • Published : June 17, 2012
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Sex Education in Public Schools

March 30, 2012

English II

Sex Education in Public Schools

Is it acceptable to teach twelve year olds children about sex education? Veronica a seventh grade student is six months pregnant because eight months ago her class was given a brief overview about sex education. Would she be in this situation if the sex conversation was never brought up? Veronica would probably still be playing with dolls instead of learning to be a mother way before her time. Schools are not aware of when students are emotionally ready to handle a conversation of this stature. Bringing up a topic like this can be very inappropriate. School is where you are to be educated and not raised. Furthermore, bringing this subject up may introduce sex to those who are not even thinking about it yet. Sex education should be taught at home.

Schools are not aware of when students are emotionally ready to learn about sex. Should sex be taught at a certain age or a certain grade? Is there really an age where students are mature to be educated about sex? Even if there were surveys showing age ranges that doesn’t include every student. Some people choose not to have sex until marriage. This is something that is usually instilled within them at church when children are with their parents. Most of the time children (or adults) choose when they are ready to engage in sexual activity. It shouldn’t be up to the school to teach everyone at once because some if not most are not ready for the conversation. You may think that some parents are too embarrassed to discuss the birds and the bees with their kids. This may be true but the child could be just as embarrassed. Students may still be subject to embarrassment or excitable by subject matter. This can make for out of control classrooms if students take to laugh or make inappropriate comments. (Sex Education Pros & Cons, 2011) When each child is...
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