Sex Abortion in China

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Sex Abortion in China
Chinese Culture

Cultures have a distinct touch in every county. The Chinese culture is one that is unique and diverse and typically found to be extremely interesting as well as entertaining. Information is brought together and examined through categories of Cultural beliefs, Rules and Traditions Concerning Childrearing, Parenting, Educational System, Marriage, Religion, and last Sex Abortion in China.


One of the biggest countries in the world is situated in the eastern part of Asia on the West coast of the Pacific Ocean. China is the world’s oldest continuous civilization ( China’s history develops a culture that is rich in food, opera, festivals and traditional art. The population in China is 1.35 billion, with its major language being Mandarin Chinese ( Cultures touch the lives of thousands of people a day, and many will tend to follow their beliefs and views on a day-to-day basis. Engaging views on what a society follows, whether that is trends, political views, culture views, marriage, parenting and even social issues that affect the lives of many. This red flag with five stars nation is one of which you will dig deeper with history, immerse yourself with communicating, and eat like an emperor. Cultural Beliefs

China has a unique way of setting cultural beliefs apart from other countries. You can find that China’s culture has repeatedly drawn a person all over to come visit and dive into something that is rich in art, and inspiring in tradition. Have you ever watched Disney’s animated film Mulan, or dinned in at your favorite local Chinese restaurant, devouring your most liked dish of Kung Po chicken? Chinese culture dives into different trends of fashion, with colorful, diverse, and dramatic clothing for all different types of social classes. With diverse clothing comes a cuisine of food dishes. The type of style that is put into cooking is not only mouth watering but also one that is involved in a huge preparation process. I have found by working at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tampa that a most favored game by the Chinese race is Pai Gow. Not only does an interesting popular game of Pai Gow entertain ones mind but Martial Arts achieves it as well. This art is taken on as a challenge of achievement and respect from others. Chinese culture continues to play such an important role with today’s society and grows in ways that are unique and fulfilling. “ The great law of culture is: Let each become all that he was created capable of becoming.” (Carlyle) Rules and Traditions Concerning Childrearing, Parenting

Dedication, understanding, eliminating distraction and persistence are all techniques that I believe the Chinese stand by when teaching their children. With today’s society growing at such a rapid rate it seems to come with challenges. China like any other country faces parenting, where children are brought up with discipline based on ancient ethics. The Chinese emphasis on achievement and the high standards imposed by Chinese parents, might imply that Chinese children are constantly failing in the eyes of their parents and therefore must rely on the extrinsic motivation of obtaining good grades and passing the college entrance examinations to maintain their interest in school (Chuansheng & Arbor,1988). I believe that Chinese children grow up with strict rules in place to follow but also love to learn and understand what exactly it is their being taught, making them be exceptionally dedicated to what it is their learning. Research has indicated that Chinese parenting differs qualitatively from mainstream American parenting in a number of ways. In a article it states a couple examples in which the Chinese Concept of Jen, the focus of parental respect, obedience as well as stricter discipline and expectations that...
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