Seven Organizational Approaches Hca/220

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Seven Organizational Approaches

The seven organizational approaches consist of theses:
1. Body planes and body direction
2. Body cavities
3. Quadrants and regions
4. Anatomy and physiology
5. Microscopic to macroscopic
6. Body system
7. Medical specialties
The body planes and body directions are used to study by dividing it with planes when in an anatomical position. Coronal plane or frontal plane is the vertical plane that divides the body front and back. The front of the body is the anterior or ventral. The back of the body is the posterior or the dorsal. Laying face down is the prone position. Lying on the back is dorsal supine. Sagittal plane is a vertical plane that dividends the body into right and left section. The body cavities consist of seven cavities. Cranial cavity is within the bony cranium. This contains the brain, cranial nerves, as well as other structures. Spinal cavity is the continuation of the cranial cavity, it travels sown the midline of the back. Spinal cavity is within the bones of spinal column. This contains the spinal cord, spinal nerves. Thoracic cavity is within the chest surrounded by the breast bone (sternum) anteriorly, ribs, bones of the spinal column posteriorly. Thoracic cavity contains the lungs. Abdominal cavity is within the abdomen. Pelvic cavity is a continuation of the abdomen cavity. The pelvic cavity is surrounded by the pelvic (hip) bone. The abdominopelvic cavity contains organs of the gastrointestinal, reproductive, and urinary system. These internal organs in the abdominopelvic cavity are known as the viscera. You can study the human body by Quadrants and Regions. You have the four quadrants which include the left upper and left lower quadrants and the right upper and right lower quadrants. There are also nine regions which include the right and left hypochondriac regions, the epigastric region, the right and left lumbar regions, the umbilical region, the right and left inguinal or iliac regions,...
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