Seven Major Dental Problems and Their Easy Prevention

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7 Major Dental Problems and their easy prevention

Teeth are small, white structures found in the the human mouth. They are used for breakdown of food in humans, in animals teeth are also used for hunting purposes. Teeth aren’t made of bone, rather many layers of calcified tissues. Gums cover the root of the teeth. They are one of the most long lasting parts of the body; scientists even use teeth of fossils to identify the species. There are different types of teeth in the human mouth, namely molars, pre molars, incisors and canines and they have different functions. Molars are used for chewing and grinding, where as the other two are useful for tearing food. Humans develop 2 set of teeth in their life, the first are known as baby teeth that start to appear at six months of age, they are later replaced by permanent teeth.

1. Plaque and tooth decay
From time to time layer of various bacteria forms on the teeth, this is known plaque. If this layer is not removed regularly it can lead to dental cavities and other dental problems.

Most bacteria in the mouth live on remains of food, especially sugars. They produce lactic acid in the mouth which causes tooth destruction by dissolving the calcium and phosphorous in the teeth. Saliva in the mouth eventually neutralizes the PH in mouth by reducing mouth acidity, causing to dissolved minerals to reform, so if there is enough time between the intake of foods then the impact is limited and the teeth can repair themselves. However, the teeth covered by plaque can’t be repaired as saliva cannot penetrate through the layer of bacteria. Such bacteria then cause dental cavities or tooth decay which damages the structure of the teeth. It leads to pain in teeth, tooth loss and infection.

Today, dental cavities remain one of the most common diseases throughout the world. Many methods can be used to restore teeth to their proper function and for. However, there is no known way to redevelop large amounts of tooth structure. As an alternative, to avoid dental decay, dental health organizations encourage preventative measures, like regular oral hygiene and dietary modifications. Low intensity pulsed ultrasound is a recent technology that has the ability to regenerate or re-grow teeth lost, or damaged. It uses small wireless ultrasound device, to repair teeth. And stimulates cell signaling that repairs broken tooth roots. Periodontal disease or in other words gum disease is also caused by plaque mainly. It is an infection on the tissues and bones around the teeth. It can cause teeth to fall or become loose if it remains untreated. Gum disease progresses in stages. Many people have gum disease but they don’t realize it.

Bleeding gums, and gum tenderness are a sign of gingivitis and gum disease. As plaque stays on your teeth and eventually forms tartar, this tartar destroys gum tissue causing gums to pull away from teeth.

Gums weaken and form pockets around the base of teeth. More bacteria accumulate in these pockets, causing further destruction of the gums. If this goes on the gum disease can penetrate into the jawbone and in worst cases it causes teeth to fall down.

Signs of gum disease are:

• bleeding of gums while brushing or flossing
• discoloration of gums
• gums pulling away from teeth
• bad breath that won't go away
• loose teeth
Gum disease is a silent attacker; it causes very little pain for a person to notice but eventually causes permanent damage! Regular dentist visits are a must. Thorough examination by use of X-rays, will enable your dentist a dentist to spot trouble in time. At earlier stages it can be controlled by regular flossing and brushing or use of special mouth wash. Once it develops, then it is a difficult task to control it. Following are the procedures to cure gum disease:

• Scaling or root planning. It cleans plaque and tartar from teeth above and below the gum line. • Antibiotics. These are medications to prevent spread of infection. •...
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