Setting to Indicate her Hardship Life: A Worn Path

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, White people, Black people Pages: 2 (730 words) Published: July 6, 2013
Setting to Indicate her Hardship Life
Eudura Welty uses the setting in this story, not only love for her grand son but also how life was in the South. It could also reference the many struggles of black Americans. Every place she goes and every people she meets is related to the theme of this story: her hardship life as a black women and grandmother who has ill grandson. Forest, the white man and Hospital are used for main setting of this story.

The forest that she has to go through means hardships and trials. Phoenix says the suffering that she feels when she goes through the forest: “Seem like there is chains about my feet, time I get this far”. Welty indicates the pain of Phoenix’s life as a black and old woman by showing appearances that she disperses a bush. Also she likened the hardship to forest (deep and still wood). When Phoenix looks behind her where she had come, she thinks that it seems easy when she looks down from the up; however there is also a trap: “up through pines, now through oaks.” Pines and oaks both mean hardship of life, which means that life is same as the path that there are uphill and down hill. Her duty is indicated by a little boy, an illusion that she see while she mounts the log. It revels when she goes to a hospital that Phoenix must travel a dangerous path through the forest in order to get medicine for her dear grandson. She meets the dangerous trap consistently: “so she left that tree, and had to go through a barbed-wire fence.” “Through the maze now”

Racial discrimination is revealed by a white hunter with black dogs. The white hunter is prejudiced just because she is black, so he assumes that she is going to the town to ask for charity and she is like a child calling her "Granny": “I know you old colored people! Wouldn’t miss going to town to see Santa Claus!” Also, it is factor of the racial discrimination for white hunter to threat the black dogs by the gun. Because white hunter could be referred to the...
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