Service Quality in Hospitality

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Service means the process aimed at meeting customer expectations, which is fundamentally based on the direct or indirect interaction of the customer and the supplier. The result of the service typically manifests itself in an intangible form. Service quality is a way to manage business processes in order to ensure total satisfaction to the customer on all levels (internal and external). It is an approach that leads to an increase of competitiveness, effectiveness and flexibility of the entire company. Definitions of quality service are as follows: Zeithaml & Bitner (2003: 85) states that:

"Service quality is a focused evaluation that reflects the customer's perception of specific dimensions of service: reliability, responsiveness, assurance, Empathy, tangibles. Satisfaction, on other hand, is more inclusive: it is influenced by perceptions of service quality, product quality, and price as well as situational factors and personal factors

Service quality affects customer satisfaction by providing performance (real benefits). For example, if consumers believe they have entered the McDonald's restaurant, they will get food, service, high quality everywhere the same, no matter the location of the restaurant, put forward by Millend M Lele (1995: 126).

"The creation of customer satisfaction can provide several benefits, including the relationship between companies and consumers are harmonious, providing a good basis for the purchase and re-creation of customer loyalty, and form a recommendation by word of mouth that can benefit the company" (Fandi Tjiptono, 1997: 24) Different between product quality and service quality are as follows: One is quality of the service and the other is quality of the product. Product quality usually includes features, performance, defects etc. Service quality includes delivery time, knowledge of delivery personnel etc. Service quality| Product Quality|

Services are intangible.| Products are tangible, we can touch and feel...
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