Serrusalmus Essay

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  • Published : November 7, 2010
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A mental disorder is a psychological condition that causes an individual to have disabilities in life. A mental disorder can be really hard to recognizes and imagine, how can people suffer from a disorder that cannot be proven medically? Marjorie suffers from a mental decease that hinders her to cope with other people and life in general. People like Marjorie tend to have very few interests, which they really care about; Marjorie’s big interest is fishes. What happens if somebody touches her precious fishes? Would she tolerate that? Serrusalmus written by Lesley Glaister, is about a lady, who is cut off from reality due to her illness. She suffers from a decease called Agoraphobia which is an anxiety disorder, which involve a fear of public places and open spaces. Marjorie who is the protagonist of the story, is woman aged in the late forties, she lives by herself in an apartment, which is placed on the nineteenth floor. The only person Marjorie is in contact with is Ron and Mick. Ron is her supplier of all her stock and equipment. Mick is a boy who comes and visits Marjorie once in a while, he was supposed to help her, but instead he has taken advantage of Marjorie’s illness. Mick terrorizes Marjorie. He borrows money from her, without returning them or even thanking her. It is very clear; from the very start that Marjorie isn’t normal. The first indication of her being different is emphasised when she explains how she preferred looking at the ants instead of the tigers or elephants. Later it also says directly: “She suffered from a condition that does not show”. We as a reader don’t know where she has gotten this illness from, but a mental disease is usually caused by bad experiences in your childhood. The background of Marjorie’s illness is hard to conclude but the mother must have influenced her in some way. “All in the mind, she’d have said. Marjorie’s mother had a fear of the mind”. Marjorie is very interested in fishes. In her childhood...
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