Serial Killer and Phone Fiercely Rang

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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Another late night goes by with my girls Kendra, Ashley, Alyssa, Haley, Breeanna. Except tonight wasn't any ordinary girls movie night, there was a mysterious wind in the air with a roaring sound of thunder coming our way. It was the night when my parents weren't home and there was a serial killer on the loose. The whole town was filled with caution and worry, many had left their homes until they knew that the serial killer was found and locked up forever. But that never stops me or the girls from enjoying our movie night together.

As our night had just begun, we started our movie and decided to watch "Incidious." As the movie was coming to an end, something outside fell to the ground, breaking our front window of the house. It was a tree branch that broke by the strong wind. While we were carefully picking up the glass and patching the window, the phone fiercely rang. I went to go answer the phone until i noticed it was a blocked number, so i ignored it. Before i could even start to walk back to help again the phone rang again with the same number. I finally picked the phone up and the person on the phone said, "you have one hour to get out or everyone dies" and then the call ended with a loud slam. Standing there in complete horror, i turned around and told the girls to get their stuff to leave and that we weren't coming back. kendra asks why and i explained to all of them what just happened over the phone. Ashley and Breeanna insisted that it was just a prank call and that we just need to stay. so feeling comfortable about the "prank call" we stayed in the house.

An hour had gone by, not minute pass an hour a loud bang came from the front door. We went to the front door the check and see what had just happened. With all of us in complete shock and horror, we opened the door to see Kendra's boyfriend Robert hanging in front of us, dead. In that moment we all knew we needed to get out of my house immediately. While getting getting our things together and...
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