Sensation & Perception

Topics: Attention, Psychology, Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder Pages: 3 (729 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Chapter 3, Week 4- Sensation and Perception

Susan M. Jackson
Professor Covington
PSY P103
February 4, 2013

Chapter 3, Week 4- Sensation and Perception
Question:See Stroop website, take the fun test, record your score and answer the following questions. In what way might you apply what you've learned to your everyday life? Are there examples of the Stroop effect you've observed in the real world?

For this forum, I decided to take the Stroop test. I tested on word set #1, and it took me 10.664 seconds to correctly identify the words, regardless of their color. In word set #2, it took me 23.967 seconds to identify the colors regardless of the word. The website stated that there are two theories that could explain the Stroop effect, and that is either The Speed of Processing theory, which says that the interference takes place because words are read faster than colors are named, or, The Selective Attention Theory, which says that the interference happens because naming colors requires more attention than reading words (Neuroscience for kids, 1996-2012).

I decided to investigate this test further, so I Google searched “The Stroop Effect”, and came upon a website that mentioned Directed Attention, so I Googled that as well, and ended up looking at a website,, which discusses Directed Attention Fatigue and Restoration. The website states that if one does too much concentrating, directed attention can fatigue, and in cases of the extreme, directed attention can quite possibly fail! There are several names for directed attention; concentration, effortful attention, and focus. We tend to use this kind of attention when we are sticking to a task regardless of both distraction and boredom, but to continuously do so can have consequences. (Fan, 2001).

We need Directed Attention to when we want to ignore distractions, like reading a book while the television or the radio is...
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