Semestrial Break Vacation

Topics: Family, Burial, Prayer Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: January 1, 2013

1. Semestrial break Vacation
2. The Universal Prayer
3. The 3rd and 1st person point of view
4. Describe your grandmother or your grandfather
5. Make your own line and plot of a horror story
1. Make a story map out of the horror story we tackled (winery) Semestrial Break Vacation

Last October 2012 is our semestrial break. It was 13 days of no classes(including weekends).My semestrial break vacation was full of fun and excitement and filled with laughter because of my friends and enemies that is so naughty, cheerful, joyous, kind, nice, humble, and understanding. In the other side its boring because in often days I’m just staying at home watching television, playing video games (like frozen throne, counter strike, Left4dead) playing computer, eating a lot of foods playing with my sisters and cousins and daily update in Facebook. Even though it’s boring I’m still happy because of my best friends who cheered me up and never forgotten me no matter what, and no matter how long time that we don’t see each other. Then the all Saints day approached and we must visit our passed away relatives in the cemetery but I was unable to go, I was so tardy that time and I’m full of laziness but in the second day of November I realized that I must go there because it is a sign of respect to our dead relatives that are buried there. When we arrived we hired some people to clean the grave of my grandfather (tatang) it was so dirty and there was so many weeds around the grave and we cant even see the words that are engraved there. After cleaning the grave, we all come together and eat our snacks that is prepared by my tita. I’m so full because of the suman we ate and the dendelot. When we got home we are all tired, so we all go to sleep and have a rest for us to be ready for tomorrow. When I waked up in the morning I realized that I have been so proud of myself to what I have done yesterday and I feel happy about...
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