Selected Market Cultural Report in America

Social class in the United States, Hofstede's cultural dimensions theory, Rudeness

  • Course: international business

Selected Market Cultural Report in America


Executive summary
With the development of global economies and international immigration, international business is universal all over the world. Business cultures are regards as the significant part of international business and impact the business strategies. To demonstrate the features and influences of business cultures, this report discusses American cultures components and its effects in international business through the example of opening a Chinese restaurant in Now York City in America. The reasons of choosing America to be the host country and detailed American cultures are analyzed in the forward part of this report. Then the influence of business cultures to international business and special cultures should be considered when open Chinese restaurant is illustrated.

It is concluded that American people are pursuing individual freedom, self-reliance, equality of opportunities, competition, hard-working and seeking the wealth through the drastically analysis. They are enthusiastic, open-minded and helpful in general, however some manners and customs should be paid attention. The social structure is unbalanced and almost every religion could be found in America. Communication, negotiation and management style might be influenced by business cultures in international business. And among all American cultures discussed above, manners and customs, social structure and personal communication should be considered to the business of opening Chinese restaurant in America. 1. Introduction

Business cultures are vital to international business, especially in current business environment. Different countries have their different values and attitudes, manners and customs, social structure, personal communication, religion and education concept (Hofstede, 1994). Each part of cultures will affect the success and efficiency of international business which should be paid...
Selected Market Cultural Report in America
Selected Market Cultural Report
in America
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