Topics: Race and Ethnicity, White people, Racism Pages: 3 (916 words) Published: May 16, 2013
There are large and important differences between blacks and whites in nearly every facet of life. Our society reflects racial, ethnic, and religious diversity. Racial discrimination can take many forms from the most horrible and brutal form of racisms. Due to the fact rich people do choose where and as they want to live and they can exclude those neighbors from lower social class. So there can be trace the tendency that high social class is concentrated in the part of the city where they have the opportunity to occupy "own" territory and keep others away from it, they can develop their own way of construction, their own house types, schools, services, and church’s. Rich people have enough power and money to build their own world by the rules they are made. As if whites ruled everything, which is sad to say but back then it was true.

As of 2013, the racial dynamic of church demographics remains hopeless. Nevertheless, the efforts of several pastors and church members-indicates that everyone isn't comfortable with the idea of segregated Sundays. Indeed, many people have embraced a more multicultural mentality advancing the notion that individuals of all colors should worship God together. The religious populace seems to have concluded that the racial divisions are inevitable. Moreover, some view them as advantageous and appropriate given so-called natural differences of racial groups. As made evident by the existence of both segregated and integrated churches, the world views that buttress each spiritual community have maintained for quite some time. There is segregation in today’s religious groups. As Martin Luther King Jr’s assertion, that Americans most segregated hour is 11am Sunday morning. I agree, why is it that blacks are with blacks, Hispanics with Hispanics, Asian Americans with Asian Americans? I never understood or realized how that worked till I read Some of my Best Friends Are Black. It made me reflect on society today, I came to several...
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