Security Monitoring Activities

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  • Published : September 5, 2011
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This paper will describe the security monitoring activities that should be implemented and carried out in an organization on both internal and e-commerce applications. Managing risk is very crucial and plays an integral part in an organization especially to those that considers data as one of their asset. In this time and age, good risk management is the basis in achieving good business and attaining the company’s goals high ROI (Return On Investment).

Security monitoring is associated and linked to other project management process to make sure that risk are identified, handled and effective patch up strategy is in place and ready to carry out. (Cooper,, 2005) Generally in technology, security monitoring plays an integral part of implementation as outlined through risk management for both internal activities that includes payroll, human resources, accounting and inventory; and external activities that includes sales and marketing. Monitoring Process

Monitoring process should be implemented as part of a routinely tasks. Risk can be prioritized based on the outcome and the effectiveness of action that needs to be carried out. The process of monitoring security plays an important function in any organization’s computer use both internally and externally. Security monitoring is used by companies to set boundaries for usage and screen the contents that is being transmitted both to-and-from the company. The process of continuous security monitoring across the enterprise has grown its efforts based on the security authorization process and include the post-authorization period. The objective of the monitoring process is to determine if security controls in the system stays effective over period f time in the light of uncertainties and events that happens within and as well as the environmental aspects in which the system operates. Internal IT

Security monitoring for internal aspects of the organization like payroll, human resources, accounting and...
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