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Change Management Plan
CSIA 413
Jason Hess

#| ImplementedBy| RevisionDate| ApprovedBy| ApprovalDate| Reason| 1.0| | | | | |
UP Template Version: 12/05/11

1.1Purpose of The Change Management Plan4
2Change management Process4
2.1Change Request Process Flow Requirements4
2.2Change Request Form and Change Management Log5
2.3Evaluating and Authorizing Change Requests6
2.3.1Change Control Board7
Appendix A: Change Management Plan Approval9
Appendix B: References10
Appendix C: Key Terms11
Appendix D: Change Request Form Example12
Appendix E: Change Management Log Template13

Purpose of The Change Management Plan
The Brightington Academy Change Management Plan specifies actions to handle all changes affecting resources, costs, and time. Also, the Change Management Plan concentrates on how the Brightington Academy project will * Guarantee the changes are beneficial,

* Determine how the change will happen,
* Manage the changes as they happen.
The Brightington Academy Change Management Plan is proposed to senior leaders, Board of Trustees and steering committee. Their support is needed to complete the plan. Change management Process
The Change Management process creates useful procedure to follow BA CR submissions, evaluation, classification, and authorization for release of all changes to BA project’s baselines. Change Request Process Flow Requirements

Step| Description|
Generate CR| A BA user completes a CR Form and sends it to the Mr. Tim Brown, Change Manager.| Log CR Status| Mr, Tim Brown, the Change Manager enters the CR into the CR Log. The CR’s condition is updated through the CR process as required.| Evaluate CR| BA Project Team evaluate the CR and give an projected level of effort to process, and develop a proposed solution for the suggested change| Authorize| BA Project Manger approves move forward with change suggestions for the BA project/product.| Implement| When approved process requested change and communicate CR status to the BA user who submitted the change.|

Change Request Form and Change Management Log
Element| Description|
Date| 10/01/2012|
CR#| 00001|
Title| Strategic Plan|
Description| Strategic plan is needed for implementing and managing BA information security program.| Submitter| Mr. John James|
Phone| (541) 474-6865|
Product| Strategic Plan|
Version| 1|
Priority| Medium|
| |
Element| Description|
Date| 10/01/2012|
CR#| 00002|
Title| Security Policies|
Description| Security policies should be implemented in BA according NIST SP 800-53.| Submitter| Dr. Axiom, Isaac|
Phone| (541) 474-6833|
Product| Following NIST SP 800-53 is suggested.|
Version| 1|
Priority| High|
| |
Element| Description|
Date| 10/01/2012|
CR#| 00003|
Title| Security Education, Training and Awareness Program (SETA)| Description| The BA SETA should be implemented to raise the awareness of all BA faculty, staff, and students. As technology is rapidly developing, the BA is not able to protect the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of BA information if BA faculty, staff, and students are not aware of their tasks and roles in information security. | Submitter| Ms. Joanna Tyson|

Phone| (541) 474-6891|
Product| SETA|
Version| 1|
Priority| Medium|
| |
Element| Description|
Date| 10/01/2012|
CR#| 00004|
Title| Network Protection|
Description| The network connectivity between all computers should be protected to avoid hacker’s attacks by using firewalls and IDS.| Submitter| Mr. Bill Wagner|
Phone| (541) 474-6866|
Product| Firewall, IDS|
Version| 1|
Priority| High|
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