Secular Meaning in a Good Man Is Hard to Find

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Secular Meaning in ‘A Good Man Is Hard to Find”
By Stanley Renner

In this article Stanley Renner starts out by comparing a scene from the story “ A Good Man is Hard To Find” to a article in a newspaper piece. “ A Good Man Is Hard To Find” is about a family that is heading to go on vacation to Florida. On their way, the grandmother tells her family she would like to go and visit a old plantation. The son finally agrees and makes the exit down a old dirt road.

When the grandmother realizes the plantation is in Tennessee and they were in Georgia, she let out a scream. When she did so, the cat that they bought along jumped on her son’s shoulder making him wreck. As the waited along the road an escaped criminal named the Misfit sees them and stops.

The misfit talked with the family for only a short while before having his sidekicks take half the family out in the woods and kill them. After they were finished off, the grandmother was left alone talking to the misfit. She was trying her best to convince him not to kill her by telling him that he was a good man and Jesus would help him.

The misfit started looking teary eyed and sad as the grandmother told him he was one of her babies and Jesus loved him. Then the grandmother reached up and touched his shoulder triggering the man to shoot her three times in the chest. The last thing the misfit had said was “ She would have been a good women if she only had someone there pointing a gun at her every minute of her life.

The article in the newspaper was about a young man sexually molesting and killing a eight year old little girl. The police had asked the man why he had killed the little girl ,he had responded by saying “ the little girl had told him God loved him”. So in both stories, it is the assurance of God’s love that precipitated the killings of the old grandma and the little girl.

One thing that the author of this article is trying to...
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