Seatle Road Trip

Topics: English-language films, Boredom, Cruise ship Pages: 1 (436 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Seattle Road Trip
The beautiful city of Seattle was just a couple hours away. Anxious and eager to arrive in Seattle every one of us was growing more impatient by the minute as we realized there was still a while to go. We tried making fun out of anything in our sight and it even got to a point when we played with the wind as we roared 80mph down a bumpy prehistoric highway, boring fun. We’re going on a cruise to Alaska and our ship will be taking off in Seattle’s ports. We’ve been driving straight from San Jose, California, the city in which my cousins live in. Me, my sister, two of my cousins and their parents (my aunt and uncle), and not to mention about 10 “million” suitcases squeezed into a Lexus van to make our journey.

In any other time of my life if you asked me to look out the window I would be amazed at how beautiful the scenery was, but after only seeing this same setting over and over for the past hour I was completely sick of seeing nature. We all were suffering from a huge case of boredom. All our phones and I-Pods dead, no cards our games to play, barely enough room to relax and take a nap and no place insight to stop for a break. This amazing trip looked at ton better in my head before, and not at the moment. Before you know it, all of us, tired, cranky, and bored slowly dozed off to sleep,

One moment I was bored out of my mind and the next moment I wake up in the city of Seattle, home to the beginning of a trip of a lifetime and a memory that I will never forget. We all kangaroo jumped out of our seats as my Uncle announced that we will be at the dock in about 10 minutes. We gazed outside looking at all the wonderful buildings so excited about what’s about to come. And then there at that very moment as a tall building just passed by, a huge cruise ship caught all of our eyes. Everyone’s heart skipped a beat as we stared at the huge magnificent ship that we were about to go on. As all of this continued in what felt like a dream, I stopped...
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