Searching for a Natural Hazard Free Zone

Topics: United States, Volcano, Florida Pages: 5 (1766 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Searching for a Natural Hazard Free Zone
The environment of the earth is very delicate. While the strenuous acts of human life impose harmful conditions to the earth’s environment, there are natural hazards that can impose harmful conditions for human life. At any moment there are natural hazards that can occur on the earth. While some hazards are more predictable than others, all have the potential to have disastrous outcomes. Like the catastrophic tsunami of the Indian Ocean in December of 2004 or the more recent, Hurricane Sandy in New York. There is no comparison between nature and ma- made systems to stop the cycle of earth’s climate, there is nothing we can do to prevent or reduce natural hazards*. Hazards are a part of the natural make-up of every region's climate of the world, which imposes the question where is the safest place to live. Specifically, is there a safe place from natural hazards in the United States? Recent disasters reject certain areas of the United States automatically from being the safest place to live. One is New Orleans, Louisiana for its infamous history of hurricanes. On August 29, 2005 the world witness the damage a category 5 hurricane could do to a major city in the United States. Hurricane Katrina tore through the city with a vengeance leaving thousands destitute and stranded for days. Areas such as California have high risk of earthquakes at any given moment. For years the western coast of the United States has had its fair share of experiences with earthquakes. But, what region or pocket of this country is safer than any other. Deciding the safest place to live in the United States can be a matter of opinion based upon what a person may feel they can control or handle. But, facts show there is a place in the United States which is safest to live when natural hazards are the defining factor. The western southern border of the United States is at high risk because of the Gulf of Mexico's large quantity of water. The Gulf of Mexico is very warm in temperature, which feeds into any hurricane formulating or passing through its waters. A hurricane's strength is gained through bodies of tropical or warm water, once hitting land it slows down and begins to weaken. Those factors alone put the southern region at risk every year during hurricane season. June through September is known as hurricane season, and residents of states like: Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, and Texas prepare every year. Texas has a lower risk compared to the other border states of the Gulf of Mexico. But, when Hurricane Rita set its sights on Houston, Texas, it showed aggression as any other hurricane, causing much damage. The risk of hurricanes for the state of Florida is always high, as it penetrates through the Gulf of Mexico. Every year Florida is hit by a hurricane, due to its location. This almost certainly rules the state of Florida out of the safest place from a natural hazard in the United States. The eastern coast of the United States may not be at a higher risk than the southern coast, but Hurricane Sandy along with other hurricanes have proven it is at risk for catastrophic hurricanes. That fact alone excludes the east coast region out of the safest place to live in the United States. Months after Hurricane Isaac stormed against the states bordering the Gulf of Mexico, Hurricane Sandy made its way through the eastern coast of the United States. Hurricane Sandy’s aftermath resembled the images depicted after Hurricane Katrina devastated Gulf of Mexico region. Flooding comes into effect when discussing hurricanes. There are high risk areas for flooding across the United States. Past hurricanes have given great proof of the different regions flooding. Storm surges are a part of hurricanes and flooding as well, which is rising water as a storm moves ashore*. In Hurricane Katrina it was the storm surge that caused much of the flooding, and efficient levees. Flood risk ranges from the...
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