Seal Hunting Essay

Topics: Pinniped, Seal hunting, Harp Seal Pages: 4 (1353 words) Published: April 29, 2013
The seal hunt has been a controversial topic in Canada for many years. The argument over it is if it should be allowed and continued, or stopped once and for all. The species of seals killed are the Harp Seals. Most of the harp seals killed are 12 days old to 3 months old because that is when they have the most fur and are more defenseless compared to an adult seal. However, those are also the seals that are going to grow up and breed for the harp seal population when all the old ones pass away. So when a sealer clubs and slaughter a baby seal, you’re basically not only killing 1 seal, but also maybe even a whole potential family. The government supports the hunt, and the people who are actually killing the seals are called “Sealers.” Seals are killed by being either shot in the neck, or the most common way, bashed over the head with a club. From there sealers are supposed to check if the seal is dead, and if not, they must cut an artery. However, an article from wrote “This year, observers from IFAW and HIS witnessed more violations of the regulations that are supposed to prevent horrendous cruelty”. I am personally against the seal hunt and have very valid reasons to back up my opinion.

The seal hunt should be stopped be it has very little economic and financial benefits for Canada. The seals are being tormented and slaughtered, and Canada is gaining a bad reputation from this. However, they are not gaining any revenue from it. The seal hunt brings a tiny income of one tenth of 1 % to Newfound Land’s economy. Canada would save 7 million dollars annually if the seal hunt ended. In fact, it takes more money to do the seal hunt then it actually makes. Also, it seems as if ever since the European Union put a ban on the import of seal fur products, Canada is having a difficult time finding consumers. If countries are clearly not interested in buying seal fur, why should hunters continue to slaughter, skin, and club baby seals? On top of all this,...
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