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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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“The Seafarer Analysis paper
“The Seafarer” is a lyric poem that shows a man isolated at sea. He feels lonely and trapped because he doesn’t experience life outside the sea. The meaning expressed in this poem is that if someone loves something, they will always find their way back to it no matter how hard it gets. It explains a strong relationship between a man and an unpredictable sea. But the man does nothing to revise it, so he lives through suffering, sorrow and pain, but is always brought back. The feelings that come across the man in this poem are unbearable. He feels as if the hardship is getting worse and worse as he drifts through the cold winter. The author portrays images such as “My feet were cast / In icy bands / bound with frost, / with frozen chains…” (8-10). This quote is showing that the harsh conditions are painful, but he still keeps up with them. “No man sheltered / On the quiet fairness of earth can feel / How wretched I was…” (13-14). The seafarer feels as if someone hasn’t experienced this life, they don’t know how hard it is being stuck at sea without being able to go back. He overcame these feelings for the weather each and every time for his passion at sea. “I put myself back on the paths of the sea.” (30), “The time for journeys would come and my soul / Called me eagerly out.”(36-37). You can clearly see that his mind and soul are set on something and always put it back in place. The words “I put myself back” and “eagerly” convey that nothing is stopping his journey along the sea. As the poem moves forward, the Seafarer feels detachment from the city and how his soul forms its own satisfaction with the life he’s living. He describes “No passion for women, no worldly pleasures, / nothing, only the ocean’s heave” (45-46), that he has nothing but himself and the sea. “Orchards blossom”, “towns bloom”, “fields grow”, all of the wonderful lively things about earth and the city admonish the “willing mind.” Explaining that...
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