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My glamorous New Year's Eve » Pharyngula - United StatesDec 31, 2012 – Well, it's time for my usual wild night of partying…oh, wait. I never do that. My wife is out at a neighbor's party, while I'm sitting at home, nursing ... MY NEW YEAR'S EVE SLEEPOVER! | Dork Diaries 1, 2013 – After my last New Year's Eve sleepover, I decided to make it a tradition…but this year was WAY better than last year!! First of all, Mom let ... New Year's Celebrations Around the World - In Focus - The Atlantic ... took to the streets to celebrate the arrival of the New Year, 2013. 2Fireworks explode behind the Opera House during the New Year ... 7A light show illuminates the Summer Palace during the New Year ... All my wasted New Year's - 1, 2013 – All my wasted New Year's A photo of the author in the clubs. Like every other party girl, I was always in search of the perfect New Year's Eve. How I Celebrated New Year's Eve - The Martha Stewart Blog 3, 2013 – So too, was the hubbub of New York City, where I celebrated New Year's Eve. I met my good friend Memrie Lewis at Elio's, a wonderful Upper ... Five Ways New Year's Eve Ruined My Life 29, 2012 – New Year's Eve (except as depicted in When Harry Met Sally…) is a holiday in which I find more stress than fun. It feels like once Halloween ... News for my new year celebration

Duke students share thoughts on Lunar New Year celebration

Duke Chronicle ‎- 1 day ago
The Asian Students Association hosted the annual Lunar New Year celebration in Page Auditorium Saturday. The event featured performances...
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