Topics: Khmer Rouge, Cambodia, Dith Pran Pages: 1 (311 words) Published: May 12, 2013
As I compiled my anthology, I could learn and see the real genocide that we can’t understand just reading “We are Witnesses.” Honestly, I didn’t feel like searching and gathering information about Cambodian Genocide because it doesn’t matter to my life. However, I realized that Genocide could have happened in also Japan because genocide often can be used as the way to conquer lands. The desire to have lands is very common thing to do and could occur anywhere in the world. This project reminds me that human being are being restricted their behavior by their own profits and can’t avoid this to happen. In spite of the fact that Cambodia genocide causes so many people’s death, I learned that there are always some hopes and chances to escape from endless nightmare. For example, as I watched “The Killing Field”, Khmer Rouge totally conquered Cambodia and Sydney and Pran were exposed to the dangerous situation. Because Sydney is a foreigner, he could just transport to The US to escape. But Pran couldn’t. To deceive a customs house, Sydney and Pran decided to make a fake passport. However, their full of efforts were in vain. If you only heard these sentences, you may come up with only sorrow and sadness images in your mind. Indeed, Sydney and Pran were frustrated. They also shared their happiness and support their each other lives. I learned that human right spirit never loses against evil dictator spirit. The visual media had strong power to teach us and give us real genocides. As a result, it’s definitely important to understand the Holocaust and Genocide. Even now, people left their footsteps behind their lives and compile their experiences. Learning Cambodia genocide can give us the causes of current issues. In other words, we can improve our lives only by researching history’s incidents and wrong behavior.
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